Your Pharmacy Software is Sunsetting: What's Next?

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Your Pharmacy Software is Sunsetting: What's Next?

Your software is sunsetting. Now what? 

You and your staff may be experiencing confusion, frustration, and even apprehension. What should your next steps be? How will you know if a solution is the right fit for your pharmacy? 

Several things go into choosing a new pharmacy software system in the wake of your previous solution sunsetting. In this blog, we will explore what you should look for to ensure your new software is ready to meet your pharmacy’s needs moving forward.  

The Risks of Choosing the Wrong Software 

In today’s modern, technology-focused world, there is no shortage of pharmacy software systems. From nationally run corporations to local start-ups, all claim to be the best solution and the one most likely to help your pharmacy remain successful. 

However, choosing the wrong software can lead to inefficiency in workflow, process bottlenecks, delays, lost revenue, and other headache-inducing events.  

Identifying the Right Solution for Your Pharmacy 

What makes a pharmacy management software system a good one? There are a few features you should be on the lookout for that have an impact on a system’s overall performance.  

Scalability is Key for Flexibility 

Can the solution be scaled up or down as your pharmacy grows and changes? Can it be used across multiple locations? If the answer is ‘no’, you may find yourself searching for yet another new software system sooner rather than later. A scalable software system can be adjusted to the ever-changing needs of your pharmacy and staff, rather than the reverse. This level of flexibility will help your pharmacy navigate both present and future challenges with ease.  

Is Point-of-Sale Software Included? 

A fast, efficient pharmacy software system is all well and good, but without an integrated point-of-sale solution, funds and fees may get tangled up in a logistical mess. The right pharmacy solution will have a streamlined POS (point of sale) system that works to ensure that patient payments, reimbursements, and other costs flow promptly, keeping your business in the black.  

The Importance of Analytics and Business Intelligence 

As all independent pharmacists know, making sound financial decisions is one of the most important aspects of running a successful pharmacy. To help with this, your software provider should ensure that their solution includes an analytics or business intelligence (BI) feature that allows you to turn relevant data into action. This feature can help you with a few key items, including: 

  • Improving your pharmacy’s profitability by finding missing refills 
  • Identifying which drugs you are selling at a loss 
  • Understanding the demographics of your customer base

Customer Engagement Tools Are Key 

Keeping patients and customers engaged with your pharmacy is vital. Good pharmacy management software will have customer engagement tools built into its interface, making it easy for your staff to stay connected with customers, whether they visit your location weekly or once in a blue moon. These tools include things like: 

  • Automated appointment reminders, in either text or email format 
  • Seasonal treatment scheduling, for things like flu shots or vaccine boosters 
  • Marketing emails or calls, informing customers about current sales or discounts 

Increased Clinical Adherence Opportunities

Additionally, the right solution will provide your pharmacy access to clinical adherence opportunities. 

Moving pharmacy software systems can be a daunting process. Especially if your current system is sunsetting, after many years of faithful use. Understanding what makes a new potential solution ideal can smooth the transitionary process. The right solution will be ready to boost your pharmacy’s performance, in both the short and long term.  

If your current system is sunsetting, Outcomes® suite of pharmacy management solutions is here to help. As a leader in the independent pharmacy industry, we know what your business needs to succeed. Schedule a demo today to see our solutions firsthand!  

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