Vaccine Registry (SMP)

Automate reporting. Integrate immunization information. Ensure compliance.

With the increased role that pharmacists play in immunizations today, having an automated reporting solution is vital to improving patient care. 

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Pharmacist giving vaccination

Complete immunization solution

With Vaccine Registry Reporting, you can seamlessly manage immunization records and automatically report data to the state and local registries. Formerly known as Script Management Partners or SMP, our vaccine solution automates unnecessary manual processes through the Immunization Information Systems (IIS) across the country. 

  • Automated-Continue processing vaccines as usual with our streamlined automation, which provides instant and accurate reporting to both state and federal registries.
  • Compliant- Ensure precise and compliant patient immunization records with seamless access and efficient reporting.
  • Efficient-Reduce manual work for your staff. Visibility into patient immunization history provides insight into your patient's vaccinations needs.

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