How to Setup a Vaccine Clinic

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How to Setup a Vaccine Clinic

Setting up a vaccine clinic at your pharmacy is a great way to increase revenue and help the community. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increased demand for vaccinations, making it an opportune time to start your own vaccine clinic. We'll go over the steps you can take to get your clinic up and running, including what to review and consider, how to get the word out, and all the fine details involved in administering vaccines. 

Review and Consider

Before setting up a vaccine clinic at your pharmacy, it's important to review the cost and potential revenue of offering vaccines. You will need to consider the cost of purchasing vaccines, equipment, and supplies, as well as any additional staff training and licensing fees. You should also consider the revenue potential of offering vaccines, including administration fees and potential increases in foot traffic to your pharmacy. You may also want to research reimbursement rates for vaccines in your area before making a final decision. Once you have reviewed the cost and revenue potential, you can make an informed decision about whether setting up a vaccine clinic is the right fit for your pharmacy. 

Fine Details

Administering vaccines involves a lot of fine details that you need to consider. Here are some key factors to keep in mind: 

  • Licensing: 
    • Ensure that your pharmacy is properly licensed to administer vaccines. Check with your state board of pharmacy for specific requirements, including state mandated Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA). 
  • Training:  
    • Ensure that you and your staff are properly trained in administering vaccines. This can include completing an immunization training program and staying up to date on the latest vaccine information. 
  • Storage and Handling:  
    • Vaccines must be stored and handled properly to maintain their efficacy. Ensure that you have the appropriate equipment, such as a refrigerator, and that vaccines are stored at the correct temperature. 
  • Documentation:  
    • Keep accurate records of all vaccines administered, including patient information, vaccine type, and lot number. This information is crucial for reporting purposes and ensuring that patients receive the appropriate follow-up care. 

Connect with Other Health Providers in Your Community

The first step to setting up a vaccine clinic at your pharmacy is to connect with other health providers in your community. This can include local hospitals, clinics, and physician offices. Reach out to these providers and let them know that you are offering vaccination services. Collaboration with other providers in your community can help increase your patient base and improve overall patient care. 

Get the Word Out

Once you have established connections with other health providers in your community, it's time to get the word out about your vaccine clinic. Utilize various marketing strategies to promote your clinic, such as social media, local newspaper ads, and flyers. Making connections with businesses or organizations with a large employee base (or even a local school or community center) is a great way to provide your vaccine clinic services to a larger patient population. You should also consider traveling to the location of the business, school, or community center to administer vaccines onsite for a sense of convenience and immediacy for your patients. 

How Can Outcomes Help?


To simplify the process of setting up a vaccine clinic and administering vaccines, consider using VaccineComplete from PrescribeWellness, an Outcomes® solution. VaccineComplete can help you: 

  • Automate state reporting and end-to-end data tracking. 
  • Simplify the faxing process to the Provider from within the Patient Engagement Center. 
  • Utilize the Collaborative Practice Agreement to get legal authority to administer vaccinations. 
  • Offer missing vaccines during pickup visits or proactively with a pre-recorded message. 
  • Quickly identify vaccine-eligible patients. 
  • Expand your vaccine presence with marketing kits. 

Ready to Get Started?

Download our Vaccination Guidebook to ensure that you've covered all the necessary details when setting up your vaccine clinic. We have also included a handy checklist below. Be sure to check-off each item as you complete it.  


Vaccine Clinic Tasks


Check with your state board of pharmacy for licensing requirements (remember to check for CPA guidance and IIS reporting requirements).


Ensure that you and your staff complete immunization training programs.


Establish policies for patient eligibility and screening.


Connect with other health providers in your community to collaborate on vaccine administration and strategy. 


Determine which vaccines you will offer and know the true cost of administering those vaccines. 


Create a detailed overview of the costs and potential earnings to determine how much revenue your pharmacy can expect. 


Decide how you will store, handle, and dispose of vaccines.


Purchase necessary equipment for storing, handling, and disposing of vaccines.


Develop a plan for vaccine inventory management.


Determine vaccine administration protocols.


Decide how you will keep accurate records of all vaccines administered, including patient information, vaccine type, and lot number.


Promote your vaccine clinic through various marketing strategies. 


Connect with your community (businesses, schools, community centers, etc.) and other health providers to partner and promote your clinic to service a larger number of patients. 


Utilize a vaccine management system, such as VaccineComplete from PrescribeWellness, to simplify the process.