Go #BeyondTheFill. Engage patients. Improve wellness.

By incorporating PrescribeWellness into pharmacy workflow, pharmacists can operate at the top of their license, improve patient outcomes, contribute to building healthier communities, and diversify their revenue through targeted clinical interventions.

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Pharmacist Enabled Patient Engagement Center

Better patient engagement starts with the Patient Engagement Center (PEC). The PEC is the core of the PrescribeWellness solution that lets pharmacies visualize dispensing data and instantly see actionable opportunities for better patient service, increased adherence, and revenue growth. 

  • ECare
  • MedSync
  • OppNow
  • Vaccines
  • CPAs

Opportunities Now identifies where to go beyond the fill.

Intuitive dashboard displays upcoming visiting patients with the highest value of revenue-generating clinical opportunities. With Opportunities Now pharmacies can:

  • Easily sort interventions by highest value to schedule your day more easily. 
  • See exactly how much revenue is available from each intervention. 
  • Easily launch into interventions with just a few clicks. 

Improve Adherence

Zero in on Non-Adherent Patients

With a real-time view of adherence scores based on dispensing data, you can focus on non-adherent patients before they impact your EQUIPP scorecard. Advanced filtering allows you to easily identify which patients to focus on. Slice patient data by age, disease state, plan, PBM, physician, drug, drug class, and more.

Maximize MedSync

Increase Fills Per Patient

Increase the likelihood of maximized medication adherence with an easy and convenient MedSync tool. Strategically identify, recruit, and enroll high-value patients. Sustain your synced patients with a clinical calendar to keep track of patient fills.

Complete eCare

Reduce Gaps in Care

Electronically document patient encounters and submit for reimbursement. Utilize available templates, such as diabetes and opioid management, contraception, MTMs, and point-of-care. Participate in available programs through seamless data exchange.

Integrate a Complete Vaccine Program 

Generate year-round revenue with Vaccinations

Proactively schedule your vaccine-eligible patients so you can administer them during a pickup visit. Through our Collaborative Practice Agreement (CPA), you can offer vaccines for MMR, TDAP, HPV, RSV, shingles, pneumonia, and seasonal flu. Automatic state reporting Integrates with State IIS to keep you compliant with less reporting and documentation duties. Operating at the top of your license has never been easier.

Pharmacist giving vaccination

Collaborative Practice Agreements

PrescribeWellness handles the logistics for state-specific Collaborative Practice Agreements (CPA), including physician relations, contracting, and protocol updates so you can focus on patient care. Using a CPA, participating pharmacists can perform immunizations and other clinical services based on state-specific regulations without the need for a physician’s prescription.

With a Collaborative Practice Agreement from PrescribeWellness, you can:

  • Offer immunization services in your pharmacy
  • Understand state-specific immunizations and protocols 
  • Administer appropriate vaccines per ACIP and CDC guidelines 
  • Help keep your patients and community healthy

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