Pill Counting

Pill Counting Accurate. Timesaving.  Streamlined Process. 

Effortlessly shift to a streamlined, automated pill counting process with our solutions over 99% accuracy. Trust consistent delivery of correct pills, precise counts, and personalized patient care.

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Modern Innovative Pill Counting

Improve fill times, eliminate bulky hardware, and enhance image quality so prescription verification is easier and more accurate than ever before. 

One Dedicated Device

The small footprint device saves counter space and multiple accessories.

Touch Screen Interface

Optimized touch screen interface for faster fill times. Pinch to zoom, tap to capture. 

Crystal Clear Images

Clear images on every fill with automatic image stabilization. 

The Right Pill and the Right Count Every Time

Record the entire fill process, ensuring accuracy, safety and compliance. Streamlined, modern design needs minimal space.



How it Works

Experience the simplicity of our process - just scan the stock bottle, let our advanced machine accurately count the pills, capture the image digitally for seamless record-keeping, and fill the vial.

Pill Count Oct 2023


Set Up and Get Counting

Maximize efficiency, automated pill counting process through our pill counter features:

  • Seamless PMS Integration
  • No Bulky Hardware
  • SaaS system
  • Automaticly Updates
  • Barcode Scan
  • Color Images
Pharmacist counting pills

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