The Importance of an Integrated POS System for Your Pharmacy

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The Importance of an Integrated POS System for Your Pharmacy

A point-of-sale solution is an essential component of your community pharmacy. From checking out patients to managing business reports, your POS software is responsible for your business's day-to-day management and running. However, if you do not have a fully integrated and comprehensive POS solution, your business and your customers pay the price.  

The ideal POS solution for your pharmacy offers a seamless experience for staff and patients. It provides the tools and capabilities you need to manage your business and make informed decisions daily. Having an integrated POS solution greatly benefits your community pharmacy. Keep reading to learn how to search for the right integrated POS system.

Finding the best integrated pharmacy POS solution 

First and foremost, your POS solution should seamlessly integrate with your pharmacy software. Trying to force POS software to work with an incompatible pharmacy system will cause your business headaches, slowdowns, and errors. Choosing a POS that works in harmony with your pharmacy management system is crucial for patient care, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction. Aside from direct integration, look for these critical features and functions when choosing a POS system.  

Improve the patient experience with POS software 

The right POS system makes it easier to satisfy your customers. There are various tools and applications your pharmacy can offer through your POS to ensure you retain patients and provide a positive experience at every interaction.  

  • Alerts for additional available prescriptions  
  • In-workflow pop-up alerts with patient information  
  • Track patient purchase history  
  • Patient apps to request refills and track medications 
  • Notifications for recommended supplements to avoid nutrient depletion

An integrated POS can help minimize dispensing errors 

Dispensing errors slow down your pharmacy operations and put your patients in danger. Your POS software should minimize dispensing errors by providing warning messages in your existing workflow, verifying patient date of birth, and requiring pharmacist verification.  

Improve reporting capabilities with an integrated POS

To efficiently run your business, you need insight into your daily operations. The right POS system provides crucial reports, including drill-down reporting capabilities to filter and customize reports.  

  • Key performance indicator analytics  
  • Customized reports  
  • Report filtering

Sync inventory and optimize tools with POS software

Your POS software links your pharmacy management system to the in-person workings of your pharmacy, including inventory management. Inventory syncing and optimization should occur within your POS, including promoting your business online and increasing foot traffic. 

  • Link your inventory online  
  • Manage OTC inventory and price updates through EDI 
  • Manage OTC inventory with promotions, sales tax, holidays, shelf label/price stickers, alternate barcodes, item bundles, bottle deposits, age-restricted items, service fees, etc.  

Improve customer loyalty with POS

Promote customer loyalty and improve patient satisfaction with loyalty programs integrated with your POS. You can retain patients and attract new customers by rewarding your loyal customers. 

  • Drive sales with customer loyalty programs  
  • Encourage repeat business  
  • Automation of digital marketing  
  • Offer eGift cards, refer-a-friend seasonal and rewards emails, VIP programs 

A POS can track state and federal compliance

Compliance is an essential part of your pharmacy. Noncompliance can result in severe consequences. The right POS solution for your pharmacy enables you to track your compliance at federal and state levels.  

  • Compliance with controlled substances  
  • Child safety caps  
  • Age restriction sales 
  • Relationship to patient 
  • ID Capture 
  • Counseling 
  • HIPAA Compliance 
  • Signature capture related to 3rd party insurance  

Provide more delivery and payment methods 

Customers expect convenient shopping experiences everywhere they go, including their community pharmacy. Your POS software should make it easy to serve your patients in a way that works best for them. By offering a variety of delivery and payment methods, you can improve the overall customer experience.  

  • Drive-thru, pickup, curbside, and home delivery options for prescriptions 
  • Credit card payments  
  • FSA/HAS  
  • Contactless payments  
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay  

Your POS should improve internal business operations

Your POS software should go above and beyond to help you grow your business. Community pharmacies constantly face new and evolving challenges, and you need a solution that manages every aspect of your internal business operations.  

  • Multi-site management capabilities 
  • Integrated accounts receivable  
  • Time clock for maintaining and reporting employee in/out times  

Outcomes provides pharmacies with comprehensive POS software

With our Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy management software, Outcomes® is proud to offer integrated POS solutions for community pharmacies. Directly integrated with your pharmacy management system, Outcomes POS provides the tools you need to manage your business and care for your patients. Contact us today to learn more about POS solutions from Outcomes, including reporting, inventory optimization, customer loyalty programs, and more.   

Manage sales, inventory, customer loyalty and more with the Outcomes Point-of-Sale Software for your Pharmacy. Reach out today for a demo!



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