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Our cloud-based pharmacy solution, TelePharm, improves efficiency and patient safety by enabling pharmacists to digitally verify prescriptions and counsel patients.

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Pharmacist digitally verfiying prescriptions

Telepharmacy Regulations Vary State by State

Telepharm Map Oct 2023-1


Map shows states that permit, yet may restrict or require approval.

Telepharmacy laws and regulations are very fragmented. Many states have already adopted language pertaining to remote dispensing. Regulations may vary per state for virtual verification or technology enabled verifications also vary state by state. 

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Telepharmacy Made Easy and Efficient

Telepharmacy locations are staffed by certified pharmacy technicians that  prepare medication for pick up. Meanwhile the pharmacist at the managing pharmacy reviews prescriptions and counsels patients.
  • Manage remotely
  • Verify digital prescriptions 
  • Validate pill counting
  • Counsel via a HIPAA-compliant, secure video calls



State Regulations Map

TeleCounsel Anytime

Do your patients have questions about prescription medication or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs? Want to connect a diabetes specialist to a clinic across town? Patients can talk to a pharmacist in your network immediately, regardless of location, thanks to our live-video counseling.

  • Live and interactive HD video counseling
  • Connect a specialist to any pharmacy, hospital or clinic
  • Safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant
Pharmacists providing TeleCounsel

Manage Remotely with Ease Efficiency

Crafted to integrate and expand pharmacy services, the Telepharm application manages all processes from end to end. 

Technology Enabled Verification

Reduce cost, not patient care with Virtual Verification. With Virtual Verification licensed pharmacy technicians package prescriptions for pharmacist’s review though high quality-images. This shift in workflow maximizes efficiency by untethering the pharmacist from the manual fulfillment process and allowing them to spend more time on clinical work and revenue-generating activities. 

Integrated Pill Counting

Telepharm enables pill counting, digital prescription verification, and counseling via a HIPAA-compliant, secure video call. Staffed by certified pharmacy technicians, brick-and-mortar telepharmacies prepare medication for pick up, while a pharmacist reviews prescriptions and counsels patients from a managing pharmacy.


What Clients Say About Our Pharmacy Solutions

"I have been extremely impressed with how fast and easy everything is. It's very user friendly and extremely intuitive. They've been able to make it so that just about anybody can figure out how to do it with just a couple clicks and a very small tutorial."
— Jake Olson, PharmD/Owner, Skywalk Pharmacy

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