The Importance of Nutrient Depletion Counseling for Pharmacies

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The Importance of Nutrient Depletion Counseling for Pharmacies

The side effects of medication are no surprise to pharmacists, but you may not be taking full advantage of your role as a healthcare provider. Many drugs cause nutrient depletion, which directly impacts the health and wellness of your patients. Various risk factors like age and medication burden can also contribute to nutrient depletion, causing your patients to lack essential vitamins.

As a trusted member of your patient’s healthcare team, independent pharmacists are in a prime position to provide nutrient depletion counseling. This service ensures your patients are informed about their health and helps boost OTC sales for your pharmacy. Keep reading to learn why you should offer nutrient depletion counseling in your community pharmacy.

Improve Patient Health

Both prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications can lead to nutrient depletion. NSAIDs are known to deplete folic acid, vitamin C, and iron. Statins and beta blockers deplete CoQ10, and ace inhibitors can deplete zinc. The list of potential drug-induced nutritional deficiencies is long and complex and includes many of the top 200 drugs.

Most patients are not aware of the impact their medications have on their health. Taking a drug to solve a specific problem can result in a wide range of other health issues and side effects if left unchecked. Pharmacists interact with patients more times per year than primary care providers, so you are in a unique position to intervene.

Conducting drug utilization reviews can identify potential drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-disease interactions, and drug allergies. It also gives you an opportunity to counsel patients on nutrient depletion and provide recommendations for vitamins and supplements.

Creating this touchpoint in your pharmacy can help improve patient outcomes. As prescriptions or OTC medications deplete a patient’s vital nutrients, their body is unable to produce necessary compounds. A whole host of health issues can occur as a result of nutrient depletion and potentially harm your patients. Independent pharmacists can advocate for their patients in a unique way by providing counseling services on nutrient depletion.

Increase Front-End Sales

Nutrient depletion counseling can also go a long way toward improving your bottom line. In addition to making money on the prescriptions you fill, you can earn revenue by recommending high-quality nutrients and supplements. For many patients, it is likely that they are already purchasing some type of vitamin or nutrient. Ensure that revenue comes to your pharmacy by counseling patients on potential drug-induced nutritional deficiencies.

With more patients interested in vitamins and supplements today than ever before, independent pharmacies have an opportunity to increase their profitability. Boost your OTC sales by stocking and recommending high-quality supplements that directly benefit the health of your patients.

Build Trust with Patients

Large retail and big-box pharmacies are not offering highly individualized care. Services like nutrient depletion counseling provide a way to help your independent pharmacy stand out. Further build on your reputation as a trusted community health resource by providing valuable information to your patients and customers.

Pharmacists are already trained to identify drug interactions and inform patients of potential side effects. That training and knowledge apply directly to nutrient depletion and places pharmacists in a role other health care providers cannot fill. By taking the time to inform patients of their health and stocking high-quality vitamins, you can set your pharmacy apart in your community.

Tips for Nutrient Depletion Counseling at Your Pharmacy

The impact of nutrient depletion counseling on your patients and your bottom line can be seen in a very short period. While it takes some work and investment upfront, this service has the potential to exponentially increase your revenue and greatly improve patient outcomes. Follow these tips to provide top-notch services for your patients.

  • Learn or refresh your knowledge of common nutritional deficiencies induced by drugs. Out of the top 200 drugs dispensed at pharmacies, many can cause nutrient depletion. Regularly updating your knowledge can ensure you provide the best service for your patients
  • Train your staff to recommend vitamins and supplements. By teaching your staff about nutrient depletion, you can give them the confidence needed to talk to patients about nutrient diminishment or depletion.
  • Inform customers of your nutrient depletion counseling services. By letting customers know you offer this service, you can encourage them to ask questions about their health and increase potential touchpoints in your pharmacy.

Outcomes and Amplicare Partner on Nutrient Depletion

You can integrate nutrient depletion counseling directly with your pharmacy management system. Outcomes®, with our Rx30 and Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions, has partnered with Amplicare to help pharmacies increase OTC sales and boost patient outcomes.

Receive notifications for drug-induced nutrient depletion and conduct interventions to boost OTC sales. WithOutcomes and Amplicare, you can grow your non-Rx revenue and increase patient retention directly within your pharmacy management software workflow.

Learn more about how Outcomes and Amplicare can benefit your pharmacy, your patients, and your bottom line. 


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