Unlocking the Value of Outcomes®

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Unlocking the Value of Outcomes®


Unlocking the Value of Outcomes

Elevating Healthcare with Pharmacy Management Solutions

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, pharmacists are emerging as pivotal players who have the opportunity to offer a unique blend of clinical expertise and patient care. The post-pandemic world has highlighted their importance, positioning them at the forefront of healthcare delivery. Pharmacists and pharmacies now have the opportunity to provide care that vastly expands their impact beyond dispensing medication.

The Value of Outcomes

With Outcomes, a new era of opportunities emerges for pharmacists and the wider healthcare ecosystem. Outcomes has long been recognized for its commitment to supporting pharmacies as trusted community healthcare destinations. As the leading provider of one of the nation’s largest networks of 48,000 retail, chain, and grocery pharmacies serving 70 million patients, Outcomes suite of digital capabilities encompasses patient engagement, virtual verification, order grouping, and pill counting and brings a wealth of value to the table.

Pharmacy Management and Specialty Solutions

As a leading patient-centric technology business, Outcomes unites payers, pharmacies, and pharmaceutical companies through patient engagement solutions, tailored tools for the future pharmacy, and advanced workflow optimization. The portfolio of brands under the Outcomes umbrella includes: 

  • Computer-Rx’s exclusive central pharmacy solution is an integrated, end-to-end pharmacy management and point-of-sale system complete with business and clinical operations in one complete. 
  • Rx30's exclusive central pharmacy solution goes beyond connecting the pharmacy management and point-of-sale systems, integrating business and clinical operations in one complete, end-to-end solution.
    • Business is streamlined using customizable workflow and inventory management tools centered on prescription
    • Patient engagement and outreach are enhanced with patient apps and outbound communication.
  • PrescribeWellness allows pharmacies to address STAR ratings, medication adherence, and customer loyalty while creating solutions to identify revenue opportunities, streamline workflow, and sustain additional services that our independent pharmacies offer.
  • KloudScript enables its users to provide their patients with specialty pharmacy care from a reliable, trusted source. Our software brings together the entire specialty pharmacy ecosystem of prescribers, payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, and caregivers to create a single pharmacy home for patients. 
  • Telepharm is a SOC 2 certified, virtual shared services technology that enables remote prescription verification and patient counseling, empowering pharmacies to optimize workflow across locations and improve patient access to pharmacy services. 
  • ScalaMed is a smart prescription platform that provides pharma with a new channel to engage patients and improve access. Through a mobile app and website, pharmacists can engage with patients to support them in managing their prescriptions. Patients can fill prescriptions at any pharmacy, compare prices, and gain access to assistance programs.

Outcomes is Paving the Way to Better Health Outcomes

Outcomes is powering connections between payers and pharmaceutical companies, aimed at enhancing adherence and delivering high-quality care. Outcomes’ suite of solutions is at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of pharmaceutical software companies in today's digital healthcare era.