About Us

Outcomes.com was formed to help make measuring patient-centered outcomes a routine part of care and begin to define how that data can be used at the frontline to deliver more efficient, effective and proactive patient care.

Based in Berkeley, California, our team brings together a unique combination of clinical experience, international perspective and technical know-how. Our engineering and design team work with the latest in web and mobile technologies to bring patient data to life, enable new use cases and deliver great experiences for the users of our product.

Dr. Francis Wong, MD, MBA, MPH

CEO & Founder
Francis graduated in Medicine from Imperial College London. He went on to work in the UK’s National Health Service as a doctor for 5 years where he rotated through various specialties before settling on urology.

With an interest in computers from a young age and having run a string of internet-based companies in the late 90s, Francis always saw the potential to enhance the way care was delivered through technology.

During his time as a training urologist he worked in a practice where, for certain procedures, patient-reported outcomes were routinely assessed pre and post-operatively. He experienced first hand how the data could be used for quality improvement and to deliver more patient-centered care, but also the pain of the data collection process.

The idea behind Outcomes.com was born, which has always been to enable this kind of data collection at scale in routine care and to feed the data back in real-time, enabling new ways of delivering care.

Francis holds an MBA and MPH from the University of California, Berkeley and outside of his clinical work has held product management positions at Castlight Health and 23andMe.

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