3 Benefits of Virtual Verification

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3 Benefits of Virtual Verification

Let’s face it: pharmacists' time is at a premium nowadays.

Imagine this: it's Monday morning and before you can even take a sip of coffee your pharmacy has a backlog of prescriptions, patients are forming a line at the register, techs are asking questions and now the phone is ringing. On top of all of that, reimbursements are still going down! And remember: this is just what's happening at one of your locations!

Many pharmacies suffer from an inefficient distribution of the workload. Do some of your locations experience a greater prescription volume than the others? Are employees at one site more efficient than those at other locations? Are distractions prevalent in your pharmacy? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we've got a solution for you. We're here to tell you about the 3 main benefits to Virtual Verification.

1. Focus on Patient Care

When pharmacies adjust and optimize their staffing levels to share labor and resources across an organization, pharmacists can focus more on patient care and provide a variety of clinical services like flu shots and other vaccinations. Virtual Verification also enables pharmacists to focus on medication adherence and improving health outcomes by reviewing drug interactions and ensuring patients are taking their medications properly.

Representing the third-largest healthcare profession, pharmacists are more integrated in the healthcare system now than ever before. By sharing the workload, pharmacists put the focus on patients and improve overall care. 

2. Optimize Labor Costs

You’ve never heard that phrase before, right? All jokes aside, balancing the workload across all of your pharmacies will optimize labor costs in a variety of ways. Virtual Verification allows you to experience immense cost-savings by sharing the workload across multiple sites.

Let’s say you own 4 pharmacies. If two of your stores are at 500 Rx/week and your two other stores are at 1000 Rx/week, it doesn’t make sense to have some pharmacists working harder than other pharmacists. How do we solve this dilemma? Share the workload.


Here’s a cheat sheet of savings you can achieve with Virtual Verification:

  • Convert your variable RPh payroll hours into fixed hours in every store
  • Expand your hours of operation without adding incremental RPh hours   
  • Eliminate the need for overlap hours in every pharmacy

And best of all…

  • Reduce costs without reducing customer service

3. Greater Patient Satisfaction

Happy, healthy customers are the best customers. For pharmacists, understanding patient’s medications and how to use them effectively to produce the best possible health outcome is goal number one. In order to adequately understand a patient’s situation, pharmacists must be focused on the patient they are serving which is where—you guessed it—Virtual Verification comes in.

Virtual Verification = increased focus on patients = better health outcomes = greater patient satisfaction.

If you find yourself asking...

  • What can I do to help my pharmacists shift their focus to the patients?
  • How can I optimize my workload to get the most out of my staff?
  • How can I improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction in my pharmacies?

Consider Virtual Verification to improve your bottom line and make your pharmacies more efficient.