Founding Engineer

We’re on the search for a founding engineer to join the team, lead the technical side of the company, be a partner in the business and lay the foundations for future growth!

We’re on an ambitious mission to make patient-reported outcome measurement a routine aspect of care and enable it at scale. In the short term we’re focused on making the collection of data from patients as easy and engaging as possible, while making that same data easily accessible and useful at the point-of-care. Building on our existing HIPAA compliant MVP that has already been deployed in healthcare settings, we’re working toward a launch of a self-service product that we can aggressively market to smaller practices and motivated clinicians.

Over the medium-long term, we hope to use the outcomes data that we capture across a range of practices to develop new ways to deliver value to our customers. We’ll be able to use this data to identify trends, predict outcomes before they happen, automate engaging and relevant patient outreach and enable more proactive decision making.

Our current stack is highly JavaScript based:

  • MongoDB, Express, Node.js, Angular 1.3 (clinician facing single page application), React (patient facing interface)
  • D3.js and PlottableJS data visualizations
  • Containerized deployment with Docker on Aptible (managed PaaS for production) and AWS (staging)
  • Cron based scheduling of patient notifications
  • Some of our other tooling: Mailgun, Twilio, Sentry, Travis CI, Intercom, ELK stack logging, Github, New Relic, Sass
  • Experience that would also be highly valued:

  • Recruiting, team building, mentoring and supporting junior developers
  • Appreciation for web application security best practices and common pitfalls
  • Familiarity with AWS and other cloud-based infrastructure
  • Previous early stage startup experience
  • Building internal processes and SaaS architecture
  • If you think you might be a good fit I would love to hear from you. Please go ahead and put something on my calendar or drop me an email at

    Dr. Francis Wong, MD icon helps healthcare providers routinely capture and use patient-reported
    outcomes in their practice. Learn more about our product or get in touch to learn more!