Building your own customized messaging

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Customizing the messages to patients from your practice is essential to getting the most engagement from your patients. It gives you the opportunity to explain your program, the rationale behind it and the benefits it will bring. It also provides an opportunity to strengthen your brand and develop a stronger relationship with your patients.

Within the platform there are a few key messages you can customize:

  • Welcome emails that are sent to patients on registration
  • Survey notifications
  • Survey reminder notifications
  • Custom emails for educational and other content
  • It is possible to have several different welcome emails on the platform, so you can have ones that are tailored to particular conditions or types of follow-up. Survey notifications and reminders are served through a single template. You can have as many custom emails as you’d like!

    To make things easy, we’ve created a Word document that has a few examples that you can use and customize. Alternatively, go ahead and start a fresh!

    Tips for successful messaging

  • Make sure you update your organization logo: It will help patients associate the communications with your practice, help build your brand and strengthen the connection you have with your patients.
  • Make it personal: Include the names of your clinicians and staff to make it personal and encourage patients to engage
  • Keep it short: Everyone has a limited attention span, keep your message succinct and to the point
  • Include links in educational content for the patient to learn more: Link out to other resources from your emails, or to your own website.
  • Be mindful that educational content scheduled for the future is sent out automatically: Ensure your educational messages are relevant, and will continue to be relevant for that patient in the future. You can always cancel emails going out, but it’s easy to forget.
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